Kelly’s Farm is a Christian manga ministry headed by the Christian manga author Kelly Shinozawa with the purpose of communicating the Creator God’s truth and love with the children all over the world. Our main works include the Manga Messiah series published by Tyndale House in USA such as “Manga Messiah” and “Manga Metamorphosis”. Those two titles were translated into more than 21 languages and fervently loved by many children in 27 different countries. A sweeping movement of miraculous salvation by God’s Spirit is being initiated through these manga works! All the profit from our works goes to the support of precious ministries for children in the Third World. We will be grateful for your continuous prayers and support for this unique Christian manga ministry for the Kingdom of God.

“Recently, many churches and organizations have been distributing Manga Messiah and Risk Ride to people in the area affected by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in northeast Japan. Just two weeks after the disaster, I lost my beloved second son. Like the character in Risk Ride, I too cried out in the agony of my loss, and in my gut-wrenching pain I once again met the unchanging, unshakable, loving God. It is my heartfelt prayer that through these manga, many people, especially those who are suffering, will be reached by the love of God.”

- Kelly Shinozawa