The longest bestseller and the most widely read Book throughout the world – the Holy Bible. Why have people everywhere for all time been so fascinated with the Bible? It is the Holy Book not just for a religion, as some people imagine it to be. Numerous famous and successful people have been encouraged by the words in the Bible and lived by its principles. The Bible has provided mankind with astoundingly positive ways of thinking and living a righteous life. It is not just a Book of excellent philosophy, but also the finest archaeological material and the top history textbook. The Bible is true records of actual humanity, proven through archaeological findings and excavations. Its vital messages still speak to us today, transcending time span of over 6,000 years.
Manga Genesis Project was born from many years of prayer, and from a desire to transmit effectively the timeless message of God to the children of today’s world. Drawing the Biblical contents solely from the Biblical texts accurately for general populace has been no easy task. This manga project is epochal in that the readers are led to digest all the grand Biblical themes by reading the seamless Bible drama in an impressive form of manga. Reading Manga is much easier and more handy than reading novels. Just like watching good movies, the reader will get deeply touched and influenced by the characters in the manga drama. Such Biblical manga’s effectiveness has been well proven by the author’s previous work, “Manga Messiah” (translated and read in over 28 countries). Children’s common and frequent questions such as “How did God create the universe out of nothing?”, “Can another human being (Eve) really be made from Adam’s rib?”, or “Were dinosaurs included in Noah’s ark?” are all wisely answered in detail.

Through this quality manga drama, the readers will come to trust God in His Word and deepen their relationship with Him.



Word of Life Press‘s Catalogue, Olives vol. 5.

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