ケリー篠沢 Kelly Shinozawa

Favorite comics:THERMAE ROMAE
Favorite Cartoonist:Naoki Urasawa
Hobby:sking / Gospel Music
What to thank:
When my son Noah died 2yrs ago I was in despair, like almost dying.
But in the despair, I heard a voice of God to do the work for the Manga.
After i decided to continue the manga, i knew that i’m going to make the manga Genesis.
In last 2 yrs, if i recalled, was too hard for me to understand that my son Noah’s sudden death for no reason who was only 8month old and addition to that my husband could not find new job since he had been unemployed.
In the darkness of despair, I decided that I don’t want my son’s dying like this. I wanted Noah’s living in my work of manga genesis and reach out to the world. I knew that is only way my little son’s death was not in vain. As soon as i realized it and put my trust in God, I got the news from CCC of Singapore last June to financial support for manga genesis1 to make a book. Manga genesis in Japanese came to the world now. My little one Noah’s only 8-month life was meaningful and God had the reason for him. My husband got found the job and working in the presence. I’m thankful for all of this.

あつこ Atsuko

Charge:Finishing touches
Favorite comics:イティハーサ・Yakumotatu・Kindom
Hobby:Reading Book / Vising museum
What to thank:
I wanted to become a manga artist, but became a graphic designer instead. I’m glad to be able to use that experience for this ministry.

ともこ Tomoko

Charge:Web / Coloring
Favorite comics:Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
Favorite Cartoonist:Hayao Miyazaki
Hobby:Snowbording / Gospel Music
What to thank:
I encountered this ministry after losing my job as a web designer. Even though the future is not clear, the things I have received from the Word of God are huge.

ロビン ホワイト Robin White

Charge:Coloring / Translation
Favorite comics:Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
Favorite Cartoonist:Naoki Urasawa
Hobby:Taking Photo
What to thank:
Growing up, it was my dream to become a cartoonist. I put that dream aside to go into full-time ministry, but after becoming a missionary to Japan, I began to get a vision of how God could use my dream to share His love with people. I’m thankful for the opportunity to work at Kelly’s Farm.